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Silk Mules

These delightful silk shoes, put the feminine back into any outfit, perfect with summer skirts, they are equally wearable with jeans or evening trousers summer and winter alike. A must for any wardrobe.

To view the full details of the shoes click on the picture of the shoe required.

Light Blue Butterfly Silk Mules
Light Blue Butterfly

Black Multi-Butterfly Silk Mules
Black Multi-Butterfly

Red Multi-Butterfly Silk Mules
Red Multi-Butterfly

Sage Green Trellis Silk Mules
Sage Green Trellis

Bright Pink Trellis Silk Mules
Bright Pink Trellis

Navy Trellis Silk Mules
Navy Trellis

Black Dragonfly Silk Mules
Black Dragonfly

Purple Dragonfly Silk Mules
Purple Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly Silk Mules
Red Dragonfly

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