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Silk and Linen Slingbacks

Our Bow Mules were so successful, but we were sometimes being asked for a slingback version, and so the Bow Slingback was conceived. We’ve added colours and variations, and we think they are going to be even more popular, but hurry, as with all shoes, we only make a small amount of each, so stocks are limited. Our slingbacks have a small piece of elastic in the strap plus a buckle with three fittings, meaning they fit better and last longer.

To view the full details of the shoes click on the picture of the shoe required.

Black Dragonfly Silk Slingbacks
Black Dragonfly

Black Silk Mini Bow Slingbacks
Black Silk Mini Bow

Brown Silk Mini Bow Slingbacks
Brown Silk Mini Bow

Grey Silk Mini Bow Slingbacks
Grey Silk Mini Bow

Navy Silk Mini Bow Slingbacks
Navy Silk Mini Bow

Camel Linen Big Bow Slingbacks
Camel Linen Big Bow

Black Linen Big Bow Slingbacks
Black Linen Big Bow

Green Linen Big Bow Slingbacks
Green Linen Big Bow

Pink Linen Big Bow Slingbacks
Pink Linen Big Bow

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